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Online Persuasion Database


125 Online persuasion techniques explained. A database full of cases, studies and applications for websites, design, ux, texts and e-commerce.


There is so much to say and learn about human behaviour.

This course is no aiming to be a complete guide in human behaviour. It will teach you some of the most important concepts you need to be aware of to practice marketing.

Persuasion techniques are the icing on the cake in designing websites, writing texts and doing marketing. You will get the best results when the fundamentals of eg. your site are taken care off.

Use the techniques ethically. Don’t try to manipulate people. Just don’t. Help people to make the best choice for them. Any attempt at manipulation will backfire.

Don’t go overboard with the techniques. If you try to apply all at once, they don’t work as well. Use the persuasion techniques sparingly for full effect.

Use the categories to choose the persuasion principles that are a good fit for your work.

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